Wondering What to Believe (Part 1)

I never had faith, I only had fear of God (the Christian God). But the reality came in the form of science at a very young age.
I left you with a great post.

Mostly Bright Ideas

I am like a lot of people. In the beginning, long before I knew what was happening, religion was planted inside of me. Grafted, really. Nourished by holy water and incense, its vines spread everywhere, like ivy growing up around the trunk and along the branches of an evergreen. Soon it was impossible to tell where one of us ended and the other began. Daily prayer, the rosary, the blessings of our parish priest, Confession, Communion, and the ever-watchful eyes of God and the saints. These were as much a part of me as my hands and feet, my arteries and lungs.

And, always, there was the fear, a deep and nagging terror that welcomed me each morning, followed me through the day, and refused to let go, even in my sleep. It was the helpless dread that no matter how good I was, if death were to find me…

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